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Now in its seventh year, the Principals’ Institute (PI) network is stronger than ever. Transformation on campuses and in classrooms is very evident. During the 2016-17 school year, PI launched the Schools Transforming Learning (STL) designation program. STL is designed to honor and showcase the work of campuses that are led by current or former PIs and making exceptional strides on their journeys to provide innovative learning opportunities for all students. Since 2017, 50 campuses earned the Schools Transforming Learning distinguished designation.

STL helps publicly share the stories of outstanding PI campuses and recognize those leading the work. It is an avenue for those both in and out of the PI network to collaborate and inspire transformational learning through virtual and/or in-person STL campus tours.

Each year, new STL campuses will be announced during the PI Summer Conference. See additional details and application timeline below for details.


  • Identify and recognize schools led by former and current PI participants that are transforming learning to a high degree based on one or more of the concepts/articles of Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas (Visioning Document)
  • Share a description of each designated campus’ work
  • Identify designated campuses as schools to visit


Campuses must describe and showcase work aligned with one or more articles in the Visioning Document:

  • New Digital Learning Environment
  • The New Learning Standards
  • Assessments for Learning
  • Accountability for Learning
  • Organizational Transformation
  • A More Balanced and Reinvigorated State/Local Partnership


What Campuses Are Eligible for Nomination?
  • Campuses led by a former and current PIs that have not already been designated.
Who Can Nominate a Campus?
  • PIs can nominate their campuses and/or the campuses of other PIs
  • Superintendents or designated central office representatives may nominate one or more campuses
How to Nominate a Campus (Nomination packets must contain ALL items listed)
  • Tell the campus' story in a 1-2 page (maximum) document* organized in the following sections:
    • Overview and Background
    • Focus Areas (from Visioning Document articles)
    • Work
    • Results
  • Provide a look at the campus' work in action through a 5 minute (maximum) video*
    • Videos may be submitted as a link or file, but MUST be accessible for all the STL review committee without requesting permission.
    • *If a nominated campus is selected for STL designation, documents and videos will be posted at Examples
  • Overall Content should:
    • Describe how the campus’ work is transforming learning based on the articles of the Visioning Document
    • Provide evidence of action
    • Provide enough depth to support the designation
  • Include:
    • Nominee campus’ name, district, address, principal, email, and phone number
    • Superintendent’s signature/endorsement
    • Nominator’s name and contact information
How to Submit Completed Nomination Packets

Email to with the subject line: “Nomination – Schools Transforming Learning”.

Nomination packet** checklist:

  • 1-2 page (maximum) document
  • 5-minute (maximum) video (Note: link or file MUST be accessible without permissions for all review committee members)
  • Superintendents’ signature/endorsement
  • Nominee campus’ name, district, address, principal, email, and phone number
  • Nominator’s name and contact information

**If a nominated campus is selected for STL designation, documents and videos will be posted at Examples

  • Designated campuses will be
    • Recognized during the PI Summer Conference
    • Showcased on the PI website through a virtual Schools Transforming Learning tour
2018 - 2019 Timeline
  • February 28,2019 - Nominations Due
  • March 2019 - Committee review of nominations; follow-up communication with campuses as needed (expect campus visits from committee representatives)
  • April 4, 2019 - Notify all nominees of results
  • June 6-7, 2019 - Recognize and celebrate 2019 designated campuses during PI Summer Conference

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