PI 2.0 is designed by N2 Learning (N2) to allow principals to extend the work initiated in the Principals’ Institute. PI 2.0 will be structured to allow principals to take your learning deeper and to connect/re-connect with others in the PI Network in order to generate new ideas, hone the work you are already doing, and further develop your leadership skills.

About PI 2.0

2019-2020 Schedule

Session 1: September 18-19, 2019 (2 days)
Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown
Session 2: Fall 2019, dates to be determined
Schools Transforming Learning site visit
Session 3: February 10, 2020
Industry site visit - Apple Campus
Session 4: June 4-5, 2020
PI Summer Conference
Hilton Houston Post Oak

Essential Questions

  1. What leadership skills and strategies are needed to make your transformation target more meaningful and relevant to students, teachers, and parents?
  2. How do culture and climate influence the work of transformational leadership?
  3. How can the story of your campus impact your community, the district, and the state?
  4. How can you give your district leadership team feedback that inspires transformation?
  5. What system changes are needed for your campus to extend the good work it’s already doing?


2020-21 Registration Coming Soon

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