About the Principals' Institute

In 2010, the Principals’ Institute was established with an emphasis on operationalizing the work of the superintendents’ Visioning Institute and its product, Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas, (commonly known in Texas as The Visioning Document) at campus and classroom levels. The Principals’ Institute works with educational leaders to understand why transformation of public education is necessary as well as develop the knowledge and skills required to lead and build the capacity to sustain transformation over time.

It is a year-long professional development series consisting of six, two-day meetings that rotate locations between Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Each year 50 or more principals join the elite group of educational leaders from across the state who have participated in the Principals’ Institute. Since its beginning, more than 400 have been nominated by their superintendents to attend and many have called it “the best professional development I’ve ever experienced.”

The future of Texas public schools depends on the quality of its leaders. Attending the Institute allows principals to experience one of the most noteworthy professional growth opportunities in their career and collaborate with some of their most distinguished peers.

The Principals’ Institute is led by the partners of N2 Learning: Dr. Eddie Coulson, Roz Keck, and Danny Modisette.

Associated Initiatives

The work of the Visioning Document does not end with the Principals’ Institute. School districts across Texas are dedicated to providing innovative education through in-district principals’ and assistant principals’ institutes, multi-district consortiums, and other customized projects. For more information contact Danny Modisette at danny.modisette@n2learning.org or 972.515.2268.

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